A Touchy Subject

With great power comes great responsibility. Whether it's catching Pokemon or creating a todo list so you don't forget to pick up your brother Jimmy from soccer practice, designing an app correctly is vital in today's society.

The Wheels on the Bus Go...

Riding the bus as your primary mode of transportation is not the most exciting thing, especially here in Boise. If only there was a way to make it better.

Identifying a Problem

  • Bus tracker difficult to use, not mobile friendly
  • Customers biggest complaint, lack of company’s
    transparency of bus schedule and delays



    Little did I know it was going to get way more complicated by the end of the process.


    Once a list of key features was made, it was time to put pen to paper.


    There can never be too many sketches. This step allowed me to fine tune the thumbnails and explore with color.


    Before diving into Photoshop, we built mock-ups to get a clearer idea of the layout without spending too much time.

    Pixel Perfect Screens

    Someone go tell Valley Ride their new app is ready to send to developers.